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Summer brain sabotage strikes again. The other day, boyfriend and I patted ourselves on the back as we prepped dinner then went to the other side of the apartment to do yoga while sweet potatoes, marinating tempeh and cauliflower baked. Turned off the oven, went for a run and on the way home I was so happy to know our meal was waiting for us. Only the apartment didn’t smell like dinner when we got back and the food we prepped was still raw. Neither of us managed to put it in the oven. Hungry, hot and annoyed, we went out for papusas instead so the story has a happy ending, but this is why the heat and I can’t be friends.

August was a good running month. Still not a fan of my new flat Asics Zaracas. My feet have stopped whining over the lack of support and cushioning, but souls are sore and sometimes my ankles feel sunny. What I mean to say is sometimes my SOLES are sore and ankles feel FUNNY, but sometimes the way a sentence comes out the first time around is too wrong to delete. My old busteds are staying in rotation for long runs. The verdict on Zaracas: Guilty of sucking but not really. I still love Asics, just made a bad style choice.

My favorite run this month was on the rail trail upstate I mentioned earlier. We were shooting for 10 miles, but I was getting blisters on the sides of my feet from the stupid shoes so we turned back completing only 8.5 miles. It was nice though. For such an accessible trail, there weren’t many people on it on a Thursday morning. Our timing was perfect because now the college kids are back and I assume its more crowded.

Worst run of the month was on an early evening in Prospect Park. A man’s body was found floating face down in the little pond by some people. My feet turned right around so that was also the shortest run.

Mileage Update:

Jan – 162.81

Feb – 127.46

March 153.13

April – 167.15

May – 163.07

June – 133.96

July  – 140.83

August – 151.64

Total – 1200.05 miles

I beat my July self and skimmed by the 1200-mile marker!

September. Can’t wait for the cool down and cold apple cider and pumpkin everything – all the fall goodness people poke fun at. Bring on the flannel. The next few months will be bumpy, but there are things to look forward to. My little sister’s birthday is around the corner. This gives me one week to experiment with baking a cake in mason jars because we need something portable. I’m an inconsistent baker in ideal conditions with proper pans, so this’ll be weird. My worst cake to date was a beautiful dark chocolate made with a savory seasoning instead of regular oil. It smelled like lasagna and I’m told tasted like salami.

Running goals this month are to hit 170 miles total and a 15-mile long run some place that smells like cinnamon.