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And a Happy Back to the Future II Day to you! This is the only time we’ll ever be able to say this. Until…someone makes a decent Back to Back the Future set Oct 21, 2045. Magic eight ball says “Outlook not so good”. Let’s just enjoy this.


So we don’t have hoverboards or flying cars as of 3pm-ish. Maybe it’ll happen by 4pm. Regardless, Amazon and pizza places are a year away from filling our air space and backyards with delivery drones. There’s that. Woohoo? Glory, glory. How long before people start using them for target practice?


In a way this year is nodding to the 1980s. Every other person on the street is wearing button downs and puffy vests. The 90s get credit for grungy flannel, but the styles I see are fitted and clean. Have yet to spot shoulder pads or sprayed up feather bangs. I assure you I’m looking.


When I first saw this movie I couldn’t wait for mini pizzas to come out of the walls. Street toughs with bowls on their head and plastic body armor for everyone? Okay.


Go Cubs because I feel like pizza tonight and, in a very roundabout way, eating pizza is my way of cheering for Chicago teams. See, the best pizza I ever had was at this place in Wicker Park that layered very thin slices of potatoes and rosemary under the cheese. I’ve added a thin layer of rosemary potatoes to every pizza I’ve made since in honor of such greatness. Mmmhmm.