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Happy New Year!

Everything resets today, including the running log. I remember the days of waking up a slug on January 1st and staying in my pajamas all day. Cookies and cold pizza for breakfast because we were classy then. This morning a car crawled past our building blasting Karma Chameleon before the sun rose. And there’s no going back to sleep one Boy George enters the room, so, after cursing the driver of the car, we layered up and began our first run of 2016. Round and round the park, over trampled streamers and empty champagne and booze bottles tucked in the fence put up for last night’s fireworks.

We were shooting for 10 miles and finished with 11.7 because it’s good to overachieve once a year. Check.

My favorite way to start the year is with a long run, followed by a toasted bagel loaded with goodness – the place down the street makes the best tofu cream cheese. And we make my favorite coffee in town, which is convenient.

No big running injuries in 2015. I managed to do some yoga nearly every day and it’s made a big difference in my overall health – all the good stuff – strength, endurance, flexibility, recovery. Sites like DoYogaWithMe and YogaWithAdrienne kept me on track. Adriene has another free 30-day yoga camp if you have any interest at all in trying yoga and absolutely zero interest in going to a class. I think it starts tomorrow. Join us. Join us. Join us.

Total mileage for this year…1726 miles.

I hit my goal of 1552 a few weeks back and didn’t realize it. Some long runs I forgot to track and log and that’s okay.

High-fives to me! Setting a yearly goal always helps me get out the door, but I haven’t decided what to do yet this year. Upping the mileage goal too high sometimes makes running feel like a chore. There’s always the possibility of training for a marathon, but I have this comfy seat on the fence with that one. Right now I’ll be happy to complete a 15-mile run and go from there.

Happy Running Year to you.

Fingers crossed for snow!