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We finally received a touch of snow here. Our first of the season has turned out to be the second worst on record for the city since the 1940s. Jonas and his overachieving didn’t quite measure up to 2006. We lucked out with our parking spot. The other side of the street got hammered by both the plow piles and wind drifts. Car thieving is at an all time low.


We went sledding Saturday morning and did a nice long run/snow trudge Sunday. It’s absolutely stunning today with snow drifts that look like sand dunes. I wore my running sneakers and the snow went up to my hips in places, but my feet didn’t get wet because it’s so powdery.


This was our window on Saturday as the storm faded. Did you know snowflakes have six sides? This morning I woke up to the cracks ad crumbles of our little icicles falling.


I’m a happy happy gal even though boyfriend refuses to answer to Bunny, his new winter nickname. However, my plan to colorize his pavement grey running wardrobe is working. That’s me beside him. See, one of us has to stick out.


Snow is not easy to run through, but it’s my favorite kind of running. Every single muscle and sense is wide awake and afterward it feels like you’ve been on an adventure without having to battle villains or save anyone or eat any squirrels.