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Today my silly niece/one of my favorite people on the planet turns 5 years old. I need to put her on Ray Bradbury’s carousel and age her back to 3. It’s not just because I selfishly want to keep her tiny. She’s my little running buddy with zero endurance. After half a block she climbs up on my shoulders and pumps her arms while my legs do all the work. I dread the day I can’t carry her, but hopefully that’ll correspond to the day she no longer wants to be carried. Or not. I mean, I still want to be carried sometimes.


January is usually one of my highest mileage months of the running year, mostly because the cold and snow are my happy place. I came up a little short this time around, though still above my monthly minimum of 125 miles. I blame it on the lack of winter we’re having here, but it could also be that I piled my workload too high this month and wound up with less time to run. Oh, well.


longest run – 13.5 miles

total mileage – 131 miles

For once I’m soooo glad this total isn’t slightly higher. I had a long run planned for Saturday, but 6 miles in I couldn’t take it any longer. I get attached to the weirdest things, like socks that have no elastic and crawl down my ankles with every step causing the torn insides of my new busteds to give me blisters. Every few feet I was stopping to hike up these cotton sacks around my feet, but also getting excited about a new invention idea – sock belts! Until boyfriend suggested maybe I just buy new socks. New socks aren’t my problem though. Throwing out the old ones is what I can’t seem to do.

But anyway, it’s a good thing we turned back early. As it turned out, I was a bit of a Disaster Aster on Saturday. We got back to the apartment to find the kitchen faucet partially on, and the sink plugged and nearly full. I did that. Had we returned 5 miles later it would’ve flooded over and made a mess. This handiwork was followed by a post-run treat of Udi’s bagels and tofu cream cheese. Guess who left the stove top burner on and cooking an empty pan while we ate. Moi. At least now we know our smoke detector needs new batteries.

February also marks the end of Adrienne’s 30-day yoga camp. It was nice having 30 days of doing whatever happened to be on the agenda for the day rather than scrolling through videos to choose one already. Last year’s 30 days turned into a year and now yoga is something we just do each day, like making dinner or pretending some kind heart will sneak in while we’re out and do our laundry and dishes and make me some pie while they’re at it.

This month is off to a good start. I ran 7 miles this morning and haven’t left the stove or faucets on. The feels like was around 46 degrees. Much as I miss the cold, sun on bare skin felt really good. Until you remember you forgot to put sunscreen on your arms because it’s winter and you’d normally be under three layers of fabric.

DoYogaWithMe has some new classes up I’m excited to try after a month of sticking to the same instructor. My current favorite is Tracy Noseworthy’s Breaking Down Barriers. It’s a 40-minute class full of hip openers and hammies. Does anyone else feel bad for calling them hammies? I’m always tight in my shoulders and hammies and this class does the trick. Afterwards I’m a foot longer and can touch my toes without straining.

My big goal for February is to finally at last complete 15 miles. Not 14.67 or 14.88 miles. 15. It will be mine.