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Right now I’m watching ocean mist roll down the road after an expected storm. The weather predicted it, but the view from my sister’s window disagreed with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. So I went out for a mid-day run on the boardwalk, which is a treat this time of year. The beach is cool, bright and oh so empty. To run on the Jersey shore in April is to breathe in the scent of tar and whatever else they’re pouring on the roads to fix them up before the town swells from a few thousand residents to 30,000 people. But the ocean breezes make it worth it.

Earlier I watched the sky as I ran further and further away – still blue and sunny. On my return, the sky turns black about a mile from the house, then thunder and a few blocks away lightning flashes. These sudden beach storms drench me almost every visit and pretty much stop by the time I get back.

Still, it’s easy to see why my sister loves living here. This time I’m not staying for the views, but to help her move in four days. Trouble is she hasn’t found a place to move to yet. As the population swells, so do rents. Big time. She might end up staying with me until finding a place, and that’s fine because we have lots of space and I’ll have another running buddy so YAY, but commuting from Brooklyn to Jersey is no fun. And she’s a social worker, which is a job I could never do because, again, no fun.

Last week, I scored quality time with my nieces while another sister went house hunting for a few days. Together we read Roller Girl and took things easy as both of them were sick. Eating in a home filled with food I’m allergic to, a home far from a grocery store, is a challenge. By the end of the visit I had bags under my eyes because the little one is a night owl and the older one rises with the sun. And bad hair because they hid my conditioner so well they forgot where they put it. And loose pants from living off of fruit and salad. And a cold.

This never happens with friends, but to visit one of my sisters is to get swallowed by her chaos for a little while. I’ve never had one stay with me longer than a few days. It’s finally my turn to unleash the crazy, if we don’t find her a place soon. She must brace herself for lots of Wanna run? Wanna do yoga? Is this monster too sexy? Can I borrow your conditioner? Wild times.