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As if having a mini grey Autumn smack in the middle of spring wasn’t enough of a treat. Today’s the magical day when comic book stores turn into a reading buffet. Free Comic Book Day!

I spent way more time in the store than I meant to. The one by us limits your take home booty to five and there are dozens to choose from, plus discounts on graphic novels. That these normally only cost a few bucks didn’t lessen the stakes. It’s like grocery shopping when you’re hungry – you have to make the perfect choice.

I finally decided on Love and Rockets for me. And for my nieces I grabbed Science Comics, Dark Lily & Friends, Oddly Normal and Junior Braves of the Apocalypse. I forgot they’re into superheroes at the moment. Maybe I forgot on purpose. They’ll still be excited for new fun reading.

If you live near a comic book store, go treat yourself to some colorful reading. Our shop, Galaxy Collectibles had about an even split of adult and kid comics. Borrowing a child or two from someone, probably ask permission first, will multiply the take home booty. Of course, said child may want to keep theirs so never mind. Five freebies should suffice. Let’s not be greedy.


I did have a light explode in my mind whilst in the store because they had a Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon comic. Looking at the beautiful man on the cover and the name… it hit me. My big sister is a huge Bruce Lee fan. Her husband’s last name is Lee. And she has two sons. We could’ve had two Bruce Lees in the family! It never occurred to me that she could’ve/should’ve named the boys Bruce. Distraught, I called her right away to find our why she didn’t name my 20-something sons Bruce. Why? Turns out her hubby used his one name veto on Bruce. I love my nephews as they are, but can’t help feeling like maybe I’d love them even more if they were Bruce Lee.

Aunts should get a say in the naming process. Or at least a veto on the dad’s veto. Agreed?