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House sitting for my sister and I’m getting too much sun, but at least we’re staying cool and waking up early enough to squeeze in some shaded trail runs. Yesterday we saw the telltale depression of a bear bed and suddenly had the energy to pick up the pace. Early runs are thanks to the frogs. I have to scoop the daily dozen or so frogs from their morning dip before the pool filter turns on and leaves me with a pile of carcasses to deal with. She lives by a creek, but for some reason local frogs gather in a chlorinated pool. Beautiful swimmers and neat little hoppers, but they have no survival instinct.

My little niece does. The night before they bid us adieu, we were all in the living room watching Blood Sand when I spotted a moth on the lampshade. I hopped up to save the day, to which my sister says Just leave it.

But they’ll eat your clothes. I say this because they do. Moths ate giant holes in my favorite cat sweater when I was young. Black and white, it was the favorite of many awesome cat sweaters. I don’t want my nieces to know that kind of pain.

So I jump up to catch and release the monster back to the wild. At this point my sister pauses the movie and points right at me. It was you, she says. You’re the reason they’re terrified of moths.

Guilty. I have warned my nieces about moths and maybe those warnings were slightly too graphic. Apparently whenever they spot a moth on the playground they run away screaming because moths will eat their clothes right off their bodies a la Pac-Man munching up those dots. The little one has her mama check her bedroom for moths before she’ll go to bed otherwise one could eat her pajamas while she sleeps.


In my defense they have some wild imaginations. While kicking zombie butts playing Left 4 Dead, this 5 and 8-year-old both agreed making video games would be a cool job. Then the 5-year-old adds, But I also want to be a rocket and go to the moon. We told her that she should probably ride inside of a rocket rather than be one. She agreed then lowered her voice, shrugged her shoulders and said, Maybe someday I will go to the moon. When she does I hope they have moon chickens because this one is never crossing over to the vegan side.


And as if rocket dreams and moth horrors weren’t amusing enough, the girls performed a little show before riding their car seats into the sunset. An endless rendition of Let It Go followed by an original song with a toy guitar. They made up lyrics on the spot, fast and rockin’. All but one flew right past me, but the one I caught is a keeper:

I don’t know whyyyyy

Grandpop says yes

And mama says noooooooooo