It’s a nice drizzly morning here in Brooklyn. I woke to the sounds of a jackhammer, which means I overslept. It’s best to wake up long before the construction crews roll in next door and down the street and up the street. There’s a lot of construction on this block. But it’s not all bad. Yesterday our water turned brown! That was fun.

Maybe brown water was the universe trying to tell us something, to warn of wrongness to come.

Last night I watched the election with a few dear friends / fellow citizens. There were four of us. On paper, the population of my living room read like a bulls eye for Trump hate: a woman, a gay Jewish man, a Muslim and an Indian. It was pretty clear early on that Trump was going to win. While none of us were enthusiastic Clinton supporters, we’re all horrified by Trump and Pence.

But he won. My family is made up of both liberals and conservatives, and I do understand why people voted as they did. At the moment the stomach dropping dread from the 2004 election is back. My hope is that he’s not really the racist bigot he made himself out to be during the campaign. Hahaha. Yesterday I hoped to celebrate out first woman president. Today I hope we get through the next four years without losing ourselves to hate, nuclear war, wall building, planet destroying madness.

Its going to be a bumpy ride and we are going to have to stick together and fight for basic human rights. Remember, that’s what we’re good at. And if people keep going on about moving to Canada, those of us ready to stand up are going on a pour-delicious-maple-syrup-all-over-you-and-stick-you-to-Trump-Tower brouhaha.

Or…maybe President Obama will get lost in the labyrinth that is the White House and just have to serve another four more years… See? I’m already thriving on delusion.