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The city is an amusing place to be this time of year when everyone’s a bundle waddling through grey slush on these weirdly warm days following a snow. A few days ago, I was just being a perfect angel looking out for shady patches of ice and corner puddles of winter surprise. Little did I know that while I’m looking down, ladies are checking out my fellow.

A food truck gal shouted “Woohoo! Nice hat!” in his direction. That’s what I heard. He heard “Veggie patty?” Maybe he got catcalled, maybe not. I’m glad she liked his hat so much though. Her delight reintroduced Woohoo! into our world when it’s needed most.

Why? What happened?

It’s not easy to talk about. Okay. The Psyche Me Up CD that my sister burned for me ages ago cracked. It’s hard to muster up enthusiasm on sore days without this magical, ancient CD. Woohoo! is helping because you can’t say Woohoo! without smiling. Unless you use it ironically but don’t do that.

Adriene’s 30-Day Yoga Challenge is helping with the soreness. This is my third January with Adriene, which means my almost daily home yoga practice is entering it’s third year, which calls for pie. This year’s challenge is just what all my many ever-bulging muscles needed. Plus it’s nice to stick with one instructor for a month. Usually I alternate my daily practice between Adriene’s videos and those on DoYogaWithMe.

These classes run about 30-35 minutes. A few are so gentle it’s like nap time, but most of them leave me feeling lighter, limber, and no longer sore. Right now they’re a nice boost when winter loveliness slops up the running paths.

Give a home yoga practice a try if public classes aren’t your thing. I love everything about yoga and yet have no desire to ever do it in a room full of people ever again. In classes, I always felt trapped and hyper aware of so many bodies around me. Rather than sinking into breath and movement, I was looking from the clock to the door to the clock door with moving limbs always tottering on the periphery. It took me way too long to realize I could build my practice at home thanks to the many many super teachers posting classes on the Internets.

In February I’m going back to Fiji McAlpine’s 14 Days of Yoga Challenge. This one is intensive, perfect if you’re cooped up and craving an invigorating workout. My hand was busted the first time I did these classes so I wound up modifying most of the movements to keep weight off of it. I’m looking forward to trying them at 100%. Woohoo! Never interacting with other humans ever again! Woohoo!