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Mocking billionaire’s so-called “president” is amusing and sad because it’s simply a matter of repeating his own words. Republicons just pawned children’s education for profit and there’s nothing amusing about it. Any more than a few minutes of political news at a time and I start getting this-is-happening headaches. People voted for this. No wait, we didn’t, the electoral college voted for this. Donald lost the popular vote. The Senators that oppose Devos represent 36 million more people than her supporters. A government of the people, by the people, for the people this is not.

Before trying to find a bright side, a reason to not be angry, consider this quote from DeVos, published in The New Yorker

“My family is the biggest contributor of soft money to the Republican National Committee,” she wrote in the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call. “I have decided to stop taking offense,” she wrote, “at the suggestion that we are buying influence. Now I simply concede the point. They are right. We do expect something in return. We expect to foster a conservative governing philosophy consisting of limited government and respect for traditional American virtues. We expect a return on our investment.”

Disconnecting from the Internet for hours at a time is working miracles for my peace of mind and concentration. Trying not to feel nostalgic for that magical time when kids in public schools learned how to read. Back before Republicons permitted the dumping of coal mining debris and waste in drinking water and in the same breathe moved to rollback a bill preventing mentally ill people from owning guns.

Thanks? I feel so protected.

Had a very New York moment this weekend. After a long chilly run in the park, we stopped at our bagel place for tofu cream cheese and an everything egg for Raj. This is my favorite deli in the neighborhood. It smells and feels just like the bagel places we went to growing up in NJ. So much so that paying the sister tax on family visits means bringing a dozen bagels along.

So we go to our deli. We buy extra bagels to do a tiny little something to help offset their loss of income from closing last Thursday in order to protest the Muslim ban. While we’re waiting, Raj points out that this is a Muslim-owned business staffed by Mexicans, making a Jewish food. And the result is perfection. I never really thought about how much cultural overlap there is in this city and how much goodness comes out of it. I never thought about public school education as something we’d have to fight for.

The Department of Justice posted this on an alternative Twitter account.

The Senators who voted for DeVos whose terms are up in 2018

Flake AZ

Wicker MS

Fischer NE

Heller NV

Corker TN

Cruz TX

Hatch UT

Barrasso WY