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Have you called congress yet to defend Net Neutrality? As someone using the Internet right now, why not?

Congress votes on Ajit Pai’s, known around these parts as The Tool, proposal to gut the Internet in 14 days. The FCC released it’s final plans to repeal Net Neutrality over Thanksgiving. If this is for our benefit, why did they sneak in this future-changing proposal during a major national holiday when constituents are conveniently distracted?

We’ve learned again and again that we cannot count on congress to act in the public interest. The front page of Reddit today shows what some members of congress, mostly republicans, are up to. Guess what? It involves accepting large sums of money from the telecom lobby so they can do what congress does best: fund re-election campaigns.

What is Net Neutrality?

Save Net Neutrality.

What’s wrong with repealing Net Neutrality?

From SaveTheInternet:

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is the internet’s guiding principle: It preserves our right to communicate freely online.

Call congress.

Send emails to congress.

Don’t be distracted by the many distraction stories they’ll throw our way until December 14th. On December 14th members of congress, many of whom are already bought by telecom companies and/or are being mislead by the FCC, will vote on whether to repeal Net Neutrality.

A repeal of Net Neutrality hands over full control of our Internet to telecom companies.  They will control which voices are heard and which ones aren’t.

Control the medium, Control the message.

Repealing Net Neutrality will transform the Internet from this ocean of ideas, creativity and entrepreneurship to sliced and diced plastic packages of products stuffed with 90% crap you don’t want and 10% sites and apps you now have to pay to access and if you access them too much you can go ahead and pay some more and even then the information you’re looking for can be buried or blocked or drowned in molasses.

If you’re glancing at this, and you’re not one of the bots or deceased people used to corrupt the “comment period” over the repeal  of Net Neutrality, then hopefully you’re a human who values freedom, pure freedom, knowledge, ideas, information. The ability to work and live without companies putting a price on what we can and cannot do.

Let’s back up. Find out if your identity or the identity of someone you care about was misused to support the repeal of Net Neutrality.  Check and report it.

The argument in favor of repealing Net Neutrality is that it will spur investment. Investment in power and control, not in us.

The way we live, earn a living, connect with people, share opinions, ideas and creativity, and learn, is for sale. Our freedom is for sale.

If you support Net Neutrality, make today one of those days where you do something you feel good about. Put your phone on speaker and let your kids hear you use your voice to fight back. Defend the freedom of the Internet.

It only takes a few minutes.

Call congress.

Send emails to congress.