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If the tree in our living room strung with lights and shiny balls wasn’t a loud enough indication of the holiday season, the tin of sugary buttery bits on our table must be. Baking is challenging enough for those of us who like to wing it. Add veganizing and gluten free-izing variables and the odds of realizing our baking intentions are not in our favor. Sometimes it works out and when it doesn’t we pretend. We peel or scrape up the results and drop them not in the trash but in a cookie tin to be offered to guests with a straight face. If we can’t eat chocolate chip cookies at least we can watch the lights go out in friend’s eyes once they pry open our lovely Christmas tins and see what we’ve done.

In lieu of photographic evidence of our failure, here’s a view from one of my favorite hikes this year. There, that’s nice. Hungry? Have a cookie.


Bryce Canyon National Park