Who me?

Books, horror, hiking and a bit about running.

‘Scuse the mess around here.

Disclosure Notes:

No freebies. And please stop throwing buckets of money on me, it hurts.

I don’t accept free books to review nor are any of my links affiliate, meaning I don’t make any money when you click over to IndieBound or other sites I link to. All of the books reviewed here were either found on the streets of my Brooklyn neighborhood, borrowed from a bud, library check outs or purchased.

Always happy to take book recommendations!


8 thoughts on “Who me?”

  1. Hey thanks for the kind note on my book The Infinite Tides. Much appreciated and glad it took you out for a while.

  2. Very funny “about,” but it occurred to me that perhaps if the cash was in a sack it wouldn’t hurt as much. Just a thought. Thanks for the giggle.

  3. i enjoyed reading your blog. calpurnia was a favorite book last year. In regards to moving, I have the opposite problem. i’m in the mountains which are pretty but the towns are isolated. There is a reason for the high drug problem and lack of jobs (I’m near the Catskills, about 3 hours north of new york). i’d give anything to find something cool other than hiking.

    • Thanks for your note. Yeah, I’m having a hard time finding an area on the East Coast that has both culture, dark skies, quiet streets and nature. I can see how hiking would get old if that’s all that’s around. We’ve looked in the Catskills and found some beautiful little places for rent, but haven’t found any towns that give that I-could-like-it-here feeling. May just take the leap and go to Oregon or Washington state.

      Good luck finding something. Cheers!

  4. Love your array of book reviews! AEC Stellar Publishing just released my latest young-adult dystopian novel about a clairvoyant drug. I would love to hear your thoughts. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LUCOLT8

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